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03 Sep 2014


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 22 Jul 2013

Money is the source of many problems, but you can avoid most of them if you organize your finances properly. This can be done without too much effort while using Cashbook Complete. The software is designed for easy finance management. It does not burden the user with complex operations or specialized economics terms, so you don't need any special skills to organize your incomes and expenses.

The software is available in Complete, Lite and Free editions. They come with different capabilities and price tags. Downloading and installing the software is not difficult and it does not take too long. It is compatible with various Windows versions, from Win 2000 to Win 8 and it does not ask for powerful hardware or additional tools.

You can manage your cashbook, budgets, contacts, invoices, projects and timesheets on different windows, within the main user interface. You can bring up these windows by clicking a series of icons, on the program's toolbar. When creating a new database, a wizard will guide you through a few initial configurations. You must select a country and state, name your database and organization, select a folder for the data file, a backup folder and so on.

Once you create your database, you can start managing your finances right away. You may insert income and expense entries, on the Cashbook window. The software allows you to specify dates, select categories and insert personal notes in each entry. The sum itself can be inserted in different cells, depending if it's an income or expense.

While you insert cashbook entries, the software will automatically calculate your balance. You may click different options, on the Cashbook window, to display the inserted details in a chart, recalculate or generate bank records. It is also possible to import and export cashbook entries. The best part is that Cashbook Complete is capable of importing statements from your bank's website. Furthermore, you can set up a series or rules, for recurring transactions.

Contact entries, invoices or other elements are created just by typing the relevant information in the appropriate input fields. Most entry types can be used as resources. For example, if you need to create an invoice, you can select a contact and his details will be filled in automatically, so you don't have to write them down yourself. Depending on the software's version, you will have access to different features. The Complete version comes with most features, while the free edition can be used to organize cashbooks, budgets and generate reports.


The software can be used to manage cashbooks, balances and more. You may create invoices and print them or send them by email. Cashbook Complete comes with a wide variety of features, which can be used for business or personal purposes.


Compared to the Complete edition, the free version does not come with too many features. Cashbook Complete offers every tool you need to manage your business or home finances.

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